Miniature ball nosed end mill reinforced solid carbide coated

Micro end mills reinforced shank, spherical head, in super-fine micro-grain hard metal of the highest quality, for dry machining on alloyed, hardened, steel, coated / HARD BLADE / indicated for finishing. Excellent results in all working conditions. Thanks to our coating, tool protection is guaranteed even at high temperatures.
SKU: MSA0100205450
Diameter - d 1
Number Flute - Z 2
Corner Radius - R 0.5
Overall length - L 50
Length of cut - L1 1.5
Length bellow shank - L2 2.0
Shank diameter - D 4
Neck diameter - D1 0.95
Shape Ball-nosed
Shank Reinforced
Helix angle 30°
Coating Hard Blade - AlTiSiN (Compound of aluminium, titanium and silicon)